NO-BAKE STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE | Cheesecake Dâu Tây | The Sweetest Things

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100g digestive biscuit (or graham cracker)
50g butter (melted)
6-7 strawberries

14g gelatin
4 tbsp water
250g cream cheese
100g sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
100g sour cream (or Greek yogurt)
250ml heavy cream

5 strawberries
40ml water
1tbsp sugar
5g gelatin
1tbsp water

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-Nguyên liệu:
100g bánh quy
50g bơ đun chảy
6-7 trái dâu

14g gelatin
4tbsp nước
250g kem phô mai
100g đường
1tsp vani
100g sour cream (hoặc sữa chua không đường)
250ml kem tươi

5 trái dâu
40ml nước
1tbsp đường
5g gelatin
1tbsp nước

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