[Old Video]WINNER's live performance of "Everyday" in Runningman Ep. 402 (EngSub)

Giải Trí

“RUNNINGMAN” which is aired in Korea On MAY 27th, 2018.

[Seoul Broadcasting System]
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48 thoughts on “[Old Video]WINNER's live performance of "Everyday" in Runningman Ep. 402 (EngSub)

  1. All of them should come next time on running man. It would be nice to see jinu on running man since he is the only member who didnt appear in rm. 😍😊💙

  2. In my own opinion, If I am the person who invites guest, I would choose K-Pop… and they’ll be in just one episode… I would invite BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, AND EXO at the same time, same place and same episode… I know it’s impossible due to their schedules. But I hope so…. and running will be the most viewed variety show in that episode …hahaha…. Anyone who will agree?

  3. They're barely on any variety shows this comeback (for Ah Yeah)….. And just a few radio shows. No WINNER TV either. Thankfully they're in demand for uni festivals. Such poor promos by their company, seriously. Frustrating.

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