One Piece – The 3 SUPERNOVAS | Chapter 974


One Piece Manga Chapter 974 First Reaction. The Fate Of The Alliance & Kidd , Law And Luffy Are Back. How Will They Move Fowards , Are They Ready For Kaido.

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48 thoughts on “One Piece – The 3 SUPERNOVAS | Chapter 974

  1. If I were Kanjuro I'd watch out for Robin
    She got attached to Ryonosuke and when she finds out that he's the traitor….all I can say is CIEN FLEURS….AAAAND….CLUTCH!!!!!!

  2. things that are actually important in the series? I will have to disagree with you on that, the oden flashback was the missing piece we needed for going into the onigashima ark, the background of oden and his death were really needed plus they gave us more insight on the scabbards and especially denjiro. I would argue this is almost as important as the fight itself

  3. My guess is that Kanjuro was utilizing a whack, weakened Version of his Devil Fruit Abilities and Skills. I was wondering why he was so Trash for years with his Paintings. For like six years, I've been desiring sea/naval battles. Also, Kinemon vs. Kanjuro is pretty much confirmed.

  4. the real question is.. where are the samurai armies? im pretty sure they should have gathered enough manpower to assault onigashima

  5. Old hag motive to help Orochi (Oda: she’s a Kurozumi)
    Orochi motive to destroy Wano (Oda: he’s a Kurozumi)
    Kanjuro motive to betray Kozuki (Oda: he’s a Kurozumi)

  6. Sea water cancels out Devil Fruit powers, but the rain was fresh water which did not dissolve Kanjuro illusion.

  7. Plot twitst. Oden knew that Kanjuro was a traitor but still accepts him as family . wait till momo spill it out.

  8. wano is going to take off from here on out because now we're done with all of the "wano specific" plot points and moving into things that are going to effect the world as a whole .

    -denjiro/kyoshiro was a wano specific plot point .
    -witching hour boy was wano specific
    -the traitor was wano specific
    -komurasaki/hiyori was wano specfic .

    these are the types of plot points that we lose interest in fast because if not done the right way , they feel asif they were introduced just for the SAKE of having different "mysteries" going on during an arc . so going through these plot points doesnt feel like real story progression , because its only progressing in terms of wano .

    Now what happens with the supernova vs big mom & kaido is going to change the dynamic of the one piece world itself . the story in its entirety is progressing . a yonko might fall , outside forces may arrive (marines , blackbeard ) who knows .

  9. I think they already knew who the traitor was. I think basil hawkins told law that kanjuro is the traitor thats why they make new plan to attack. And i think its supernovas vs kaido will gonna happen.!!

  10. this is another WOW chapter,
    After I see the end of chapter 974…
    I want a large reinforcement:
    1.Hyogoro with full army of mafian and samurais
    2.Nekomamushi with Marco, Izo, and remnants of Whitebeard Pirate
    3.X Drake & Basil Hawkins convince Scratchmen Apoo to join Straw Hat alliance

  11. Buggy, Lafitte, Kumadori, Indigo and now Kanjuro Oda is making it very clear NEVER TRUST A FUCKING CLOWN!!

  12. Now I have to go back to every chapter since Dressrosa where something important is revealed to look for suspicious birds…

  13. That piece of shit stayed on our ship for more than 2 arcs, yet he betrayed us. Maybe it's a top anime betrayal. I even liked his humor. Also, out of the reaction of all the Scabbards excluding kinemon's, Raizo's was the saddest one. And people blamed him, damn.

  14. Im not at all sad about Kanjuro, his devil fruit always pissed me off. He can bring drawings to life and was always usless in battle.

  15. Everyone thought it was raizo. Honestly I thought it was him too. But kanjuro? Dang. I liked kanjuro too. Oh well. Alright! Now that that's out of the way!

  16. At this point its probably only going to be Luffy, Kidd and Law vs Kaido….. while the others take on Kaidos crew.

  17. Kanjuro has to die or get capture next chapter. I would prefer him to die because of how kinemon slicing his face off without letting kanjuro finishing his speech

  18. So did Kanjuro give Orochi Raizo's vivre card or how did Jack find Zou before Kanjuro was there?
    Why didn't Kanjuro help Orochi at the Execution of Oden?
    And Orochi was already plotting before Oden was expelled from the capital?

  19. i'm expecting someone like jack to be on one of the ships cos otherwise luffy law and kid arent gonna have any opposition at all here cos i cant really see anyone below a third commander giving luffy that much of a fight at this point

  20. LUFFY LAW KIDD – main weapon
    Sanji Zoro – heavy artillery
    Jimbe fishman pirates and Barto/strawhat grand fleet – cavalry

  21. I'm kinda sad Kanjuro is the one, even though deep down i knew it, because there was evidence from prior chapters and many people pointed it out before. I just wished they were wrong. Kanjuro had some wholesome moments with the crew and Kinemon.

  22. I definitely wasn’t the only one but I had a feeling kanjuro was the one. He always had the least amount of screen time. But oda is a genius and the last chapters made it seem like it was impossible for a scabbard to be the traitor

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