[Oppa Thinking – BTOB] Bbyu Couple Reunion? JOY Sent A Video Message To Sung Jae 20170807

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[Oppa Thinking – BTOB] Bbyu Couple Reunion? JOY Sent A Video Message To Sung Jae

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【Oppa Thinking】.

“Sales video” production for smartphone generation Variety!
Sales video directors gather so that the public can become fans of the stars.

Oppa Thinking production is specialized in star-tailored sales video. We

will upload the video that we produced together with the star to request it

directly. And check the sales results. Sales performance of star will be

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Members: Yoo Se-yoon, Tak jjaeun, Lee Sang-min, Lee Kyu Han, Heo kyung-hwan,

Sol Bi, Cao Lu

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39 thoughts on “[Oppa Thinking – BTOB] Bbyu Couple Reunion? JOY Sent A Video Message To Sung Jae 20170807

  1. MBC 이 조회수를 본다면 같이 작품 한 개 만이라도 내줘 ,, 이사람들 다 진심이다 매번 생각나서 올때마다 조회수 올라간다고 진짜 존버탄다

  2. 우결… 서로 미운정 고운정 다 들게 해놓고선 기간 지나니까 본인 의사와 관계없이 헤어지게 하고… 나빠 진짜ㅠㅠ

  3. 진짜 우결 끝나고 계속 열애설 존버했는데 언제 뜰까 엠비씨 우리 재혼했어요 만들면 안되나 성재랑 조이, 태민이랑 나은이랑 찍어줬음 좋겠다 그것도 안되면 드라마 쀼 커플 찍어주면 안되나 쀼 커플 드라마 찍으면 시청률 엄청날건데 해외에 쀼 팬들 엄청 많고 쀼 커플 응원하는 사람들도 진짜 많은데 결혼할 때까지 존버한다

  4. Did anybody notice eunkwang's smile and the hand gesture 😂😂 at 2:09
    He was like "Sungjaeyaa calm down you ar being so obvious"

  5. if you saw the video of sungjae crying while he was drunk and singing "missing you" YOU CAN TELL ITS LITERALLY ABOUT JOY. IM TELLING YOU. THEY JUST CANT BE TOGETHER BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA AND THEIR FANS😭😭😭😭

  6. 그래도 둘이 타 프로그램에서 얘기 나누고 인사 하는 거 너무 좋다 태민이랑 나은이도 이랬으면 좋았을텐데

  7. It could really be just a very close sibling relationship between them. I’ve experienced something similar before. But hey it could be the other way around.

  8. It’s 2020 and i’m still rooting for them! Everyone would be so happy once these two finally announce their relationship, i can feel it lol no pressure though, we’ll wait.. 😂 bbyu fighting! ❤️

  9. 지겨워 망붕들 뭘사귀래는겨 성재는 ㅅㅎ한테 썸있을때였어ㅡ2016kbs가요대제전 성재직캠이나보고와서 망붕떨어ㄷ시선이어디가있는지ㅡ

  10. First love never dies😭
    Joy:it wasn't only Sibling relationship it meansss😭
    I Hope they will be Lover in future😍

  11. Yo también sentí emoción de que se recordaran el uno al otro después de un tiempo 💙💙💙❤️

  12. cast them to a new drama then we’re all good. let them date each other. y’all are taking their happiness away. so saddened.

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