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Quantum Leap Step By Step MEDITATION
This Video Answers The Questions: “What Does it Mean If I’m Having Trouble Manifesting?” And Not Only Gives You The Full, Step By Step Manifesting Solution But Also Will Teach You How To QUANTUM LEAP No Matter Who You Are, What You Know, How You Feel … NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, YOU CAN QUANTUM LEAP!

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40 thoughts on “QUANTUM LEAP

  1. It is my second day doing this meditation (I have been using sp meditation), but this one really works well! My sp and I had a really good talk today about our thoughts in our relationship 🙂

  2. I fell asleep and I had a dream that some of my loved ones died and my SP cut me with a knife.. what does that mean??

  3. This meditation is pure magic 🤲🏻✨😍 started:12/04/20

    Restarted: 21/04/20 I can feel the shift in me, my feelings and my thoughts and I love it!

    3 days after listening daily… 23/04/20 I am seriously happy and content. I can feel myself in my desired reality… in my feelings, in my confidence…

    3/05/2020: restarted again. I felt amazing and it brings me back to my desired experiences faster then ever! 🌟🌟🙌🏻 I know how to saturate my mind with my desired reality 💖 everything depends on me 😍🙌🏻

  4. I just want to say I love and appreciate you so much Jasmine ❤️ thank you so much for your guidance

  5. I created my first – noticeable on my 3D reality – Quantum Leap after 14 days listening to this meditation and practicing it at least once a day minimum. Thanks a million Jasmine, your channel has changed my life for better ☀️🌷

  6. Update: Have been doing this from a week I guess. And today I had this experience where in I was sure it was my last day. It felt like the end of the world and my life. There was nothing to look forward to. I was feeling hopeless and in tears. Helpless because I did not know the reason. No prior incident occurred which could trigger this. And I did this meditation with the intention of healing myself. I dozed off in the process.
    When I woke up I felt a new sense of rejuvenation. Felt much much better about everything. It felt like a rebirth to me! ❤

  7. Basically when I did it the first time yesterday, I dozed off. And had a dream waaay into the future from the current reality! It felt so natural.

    Just now I did it the second time and I had this weird feeling in my Solar plexus. It was crazy! And I feel more confident than ever!! 😍
    Thank you Jasmine 🤗❤

  8. This whispered style of meditation is by far my FAVOURITE and most effective imo – if you could make a similar one for visualising attracting an SP that would be epic 💗 Love you Jasmine!!!

  9. Okay, I did this medication again, I totally believe this, I know my SP is thinking about me right now, I intend him to call me and say bunch of cute stuffs, love me, adore me and express his love for me now, bcoz I am the Creator of my reality, and everything is possible so yeah ❤️,I know it's here.

  10. Every time I watch this video I can literally feel the vibrations going on through me if that makes sense. Today I woke up feeling the exact same way without having watched this video first

  11. I had a dream I made him jealous lol and then in that same dream we kissed
    Ok I had a dream before where he texted me “I’m still in love with you”
    But this time today I had a dream he reassured me he likes me🥺”
    Gonna start this again!

    Wait is this part of the quantum leap?

    Imma start this again bc I got amazing dreams from this❤️ 3/10/20

    I listened before sleeping yesterday and today and I feel better (id been feeling off before)
    Oh my goodness I took a nap and had a dream i was planning out my wedding to him and I was crying bc feeling all “grown up” next to my dad and I reassured him I’ll always be his Little girl

    I’m in contact with my sp ashdkdk my manifestation is done manifesting him is easy as fuck he loves me and absolutely adores me❤️ thank u jasmine

    I hadn’t listened to this for two days but I am back

  12. Your meditations always make me feel like my brain is transforming and im unstoppable!! Love it! Thank you!! 💗

  13. I've been doing this for 3 days now. Today is day 3. I was happier the first 2 days. Today, for some reason, I have started to miss him. Bad. I broke up with him a few weeks back. And today is the first time I'm regretting it. How do you deal with this helpless feeling? 😣

  14. Time stamp
    0:00 – 6:00 Introduction
    6:05 Breathe In
    6:15 Meditation start

    Thank you Jasmine.
    Wow, i remember your first meditation was fast in guiding. And this is the best, smooth, soothing with echo. I love this. Thank you for making this. You are appreciated.

  15. Oh my god, literally right when the actual meditation part started, my person liked my recent Instagram post. Love it.💖

  16. Soooo, I tried this meditation and felt scared, don't know why. I took a break for a few minutes and came back to it to complete. I then moved to the second video and slept midway. However, I remember waking up to a dream where I and my SP were laughing and joking around while planning for our wedding. I don't exactly remember the details now but I do remember the elated feeling and that he was happier than me.

  17. Anyone else get super vivid dreams everyone after this meditation? Dreamt of my SP very vividly, the third party with somebody else. It was great. Do vivid dreams mean I'm close?

  18. I love this meditation, the gentle whispering and the background sounds are so extremley relaxing i always fall asleep to it..😅 i hope thats ok for the manifestation process… just whish the video would last longer or could be looped because its so great 💜

  19. Jasmine did you delete the video of how to manifest your SP even if they are of different religion?? Please upload it, please I can't find it in your video playlist. Its my request 🙏🙏😓

  20. The more I listen to this, the more I understand quantum leaps and the more the concept fascinates me. It is the most amazing thing. I could wake up with flat abs and for everyone else in the reality nothing would be out of the ordinary at all because in there I have always had them and the rest don't remember or know that I quantum leaped but I would be the only one to know and realize… I could wake up with my SP sleeping by my side and for him nothing would be strange because in his reality everything happened consequentially but I would be the only one to know I quantum leaped….
    Do you think you could please give more real life examples of quantum leaps you have personally experienced and what it felt to be the only one to realize that your reality warped? This is blowing my mind.

  21. I love this meditation. I am doing it for the third time today. I am going to do it for the three days and see what happens!
    Thank you for this! ❤

  22. So I use to live in Texas and I had to move back home. But I’m planning on moving back and my SP lives there but we’ve never met. Would me moving back there be meddling with the middle/putting me on his path or not really since I want to move back there regardless. I don’t want to force anything obviously.

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