RC rambles Running Man, Big Bang, Dating/Marriages, JYJ & SM End Beef, Jay Park Faps, Daesung WTF

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RC reacts’ (R) Rae & Carlo (C) ramble about:
0:18 Running Man 121 Lee Seung Gi & Park Shin Hye
1:15 Running Man 122 Jung Won Gwan, Kim Tae Hyung, Lee Sang Won, & Sobangcha
1:35 RC Turbo Nero Cover
2:32 Seungri loses freedom & smile on Twitter
3:14 G-Dragon gains a million Twitter followers
3:37 Final Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour Dates
4:27 Block B’s Zico dating ex-T-ARA Hwayoung rumor
4:55 Other insane dating rumors
5:20 Block B’s U-Kwon admits to dating model Jun Sun Hye
5:30 JYJ & SM end legal battle after 3 years & 4 months
6:57 New JYJ album possibly by mid-2013
7:20 Psy News
8:11 Papa YG, Yang Hyun Suk’s disdain for Maroon 5
8:23 Jay Park masturbates on SNL Korea
8:40 Wonder Girls’ Sun to be wed in January
9:08 Former Wonder Girl Sunmi causes speculation, but JYP shoots it down
9:40 Super Junior Shindong’s yo-yo dieting
10:14 Haha & Byul’s wedding
10:39 Lee Hyori doesn’t see herself doing many commercial CFs
11:00 Hara, Hyorin, & Hyuna’s Chum Churum soju ads
11:18 Seo Taiji’s 20 year anniversary
11:34 MAMA 2012 after party with Drunk Daesung screaming “What The Fuck!”
11:58 Busker Busker denies break-up rumors
12:12 miss A’s Suzy never had a 1st love
12:56 Song Joong Ki’s real personality
13:08 Song Ji Hyo’s casual relationship with RM cast
13:21 Kim Jong Kook’s small eyes
13:45 K.Will’s ideal type is Ga In
14:25 How RC got sick
14:50 RC misses Seungri’s tweets


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29 thoughts on “RC rambles Running Man, Big Bang, Dating/Marriages, JYJ & SM End Beef, Jay Park Faps, Daesung WTF

  1. Once they really start killing the charts & winning awards, the networks can't ignore them.
    Hopefully we will see them on RM.
    Anyway, thanks for watching!!!

  2. seriously i think the day JYJ goes back to public broadcasting will be a day i wail with happiness! and running man they MUST go!!

  3. Most of our Reactions video do have subtitles, but we're not as ambitious to subtitle a 30 minute Ramble, though we wish we were crazy enough to do that.
    Thanks for understanding!

  4. Heh, no, it's okay, I understand it from the context because I know the things that you're talking about. It's just that I watched some of your reaction videos, I think it was for Crayon and it have subs. Thanks for your fast answer though 😉 And thanks for the video, it's like an update of the latest kpop news 🙂

  5. Wow, thanks for watching us ramble on, we appreciate it!
    Sorry about our fast English, too much news to ramble about, not enough time.
    We hope you understand.
    Once again, thanks for watching.

  6. Wow, you guys are seriously reading the news ;d14 minutes but I watched it all,it was interesting.But one thing-english is not my own language,I inderstand it but you speak too fast at times.Subtitles would be nice for someone like me *blush* ;d About the news-for me the interesting ones were the news about the MAMA afterparty, Seungri's twitter, GD (I'm a Big Bang fan) and also Running Man's cast (the article about Jong Kook and the flight attendant was hilarious 😀 Thanks for the video ;p

  7. LOLOL I am dying! You guys are too funny! That after party had me rolling for days. Awesome job guys! Can't wait for the next one!

  8. Really? Wow, thanks, we appreciate you!
    As of now…only 1,030,166 more followers to surpass G-Dragon!!!
    Also, thanks for watching!

  9. Nice, we love a good listener.
    Thanks for watching this for a bit, then going back, then coming back to this and watching it, we appreciate all the effort!

  10. hey check this out just bosted in bigbangupdates bigbang are nominated 4 best group in world music award held in miami go vote 4v them vips

  11. I am so happy for JYJ rught now, and Sunye already mentioned last year she was dating, so I guess a wedding nest year is not rushed at all. I miss Seungri's tweets terribly too, and people were mentioning RiRi looked depressed at the MAMAs. I dunno. And it was not only YG after party, it was YG family night altogether, tho I kinda wished 2ne1 would be ther. Looking forward to your ramble next week.

  12. I got to agree, I also miss the older RM episodes. There was so much more cast interaction back then. 2 Teams and 1 location was perfect.

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