Requested Bluetooth S207 speaker unboxing review & inside look

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This is a request by one of my good subscribers Dragon Slayer for unboxing review and inside look of S207 Bluetooth speaker which is capable of 5W via 2x4ohm 3W drivers. The item is of good quality and for £12 it worth every penny. The unusual part is that the passive bass radiator is at bottom of the unit which makes the bass rather restricted. Enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Requested Bluetooth S207 speaker unboxing review & inside look

  1. Seu vídeo me ajudou. Fiz como você explica e abri a caixinha e coloquei duas baterias mais potentes para ouvir mais tempo. Obrigado.

  2. Plss do unbox S2025 next to your S2024 and just what you did to this video look inside and do comparison between S2024 & S2025 bluetooth speaker

  3. If it is too expensive its okay that you dont buy it and i search hard for tg-123 bluetooth speaker disassembly and i found nothing all i found is unbox and sound test so its okay not to buy if it is expensive

  4. Thanks i have that one i dont know whats inside and it is broked i dont know to open tnx to you hom bkaviani and i have also Tg-123 bluetooth speaker with good bass and sound i dont know to open could you do unbox of it and open it if it is okay to you tnx again hope you get more subscriber

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