[Running Man Ep 487ㅣPreview] The Members Get Together to Get Their Fortunes Read for 2020

Giải Trí

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31 thoughts on “[Running Man Ep 487ㅣPreview] The Members Get Together to Get Their Fortunes Read for 2020

  1. This show hasn’t been cancelled yet ? Wow I’m actually surprised they are holding on for dear life at this point

  2. Please invite lee sun bin to the next episodeㅠㅠㅠ. I am very worried about the relationship between current leekwangsoo and lee sunbin.

  3. Tbh, im too a fan of sjh.. But i realised ji hyo herself not even pushing herself to appear…sad I love her but realised she's becoming more of a boring person.. Dunno if it's her age factor, maybe she's feeling tired or what.. Her pronunciation sounds weird but that doesn't make me dislike her coz in the past she made super lots of ace achievements! i have liked her since the first time she joined rm as guest until she became fixed member, until now, after feeling disappointed by her for many times these days, im still gonna root for her.. I hope sjh put more effort to joke around and stop being too blur, and if she's juz naturally born dumb, she can make her dumb as talent juz like kwang soo did or something. Coz she must still have something in her.. Dunno maybe im wrong but… I'm trying to keep wanting her to improve.. I have to say directly coz i really don't want ji hyo to leave running man.

  4. Cant wait for the episode to be released hahah I wanna hear their fortunes hahaha because the last time there fortunes were read, most were became true

  5. Just hoping ji hyo will appear on preview ha ha ha . lol ,i guess ji hyo will really left the show after some time . dont bash me idc .

  6. I wish Jihyo get more screen time this year. She is barely out of frame now 😢 No offence, and I understand that the producer need to give what viewers demands more nowadays. Jihyo knows that too, but still. Love all of them btw. RM fighting!

  7. Was watching this on VRV and probably have far too much to catch up on. Hopefully a lot Are English subbed

  8. I remember when they said that jihyo would get into a relationship or even get married in 2019?? Now did it happen I don’t think so 🤔

  9. to those people who think that we are annoying, we're not. we are just worried for jihyo. and to the people who thinks that jihyo doesn't talk or do a lot, well you are wrong. there's fancam showing that the editor edited one of her scene away. where she had a physical 'fight' with one of the guests at the airport. i'm sure it's funny so why didn't they air it out? since running man is always arguing or fighting against each other and also one where we see jihyo is talking but we can't hear her voice. so why is jihyo being edited out? jihyo IS trying and we fans are WORRIED for her screentime

  10. Jh fans if you want jh screen time to be more tell her to be funnier and cheerful like somin..you guys are so annoying when jh herself doesnt have problem about scree time…lol

  11. One thing i cant wait everytime new year is not Running Man's fortunes read but the fortune teller. He is the funniest one😂😂😂😂

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