Running Man Kwang Soo cute with Female IDOLS

Giải Trí

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Congratulations to Lee Kwang Soo and that lucky girl is Lee Sun Bin

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Running Man Kwang Soo cute with Female IDOLS montage


42 thoughts on “Running Man Kwang Soo cute with Female IDOLS

  1. I hope he will marry the girl that would love him unconditionally. He deserves all the love this world can offer. 💖😍

  2. Why kwang soo finally choosed sun bin?? The only relation goes to public after years.. what kwang soo sees in sun bin?

  3. Can anyone help me please?
    I have been looking for the title of the bgm on 8:13 /9.33 in the video for quite a while, if you know the title and singer I'll be so thankful
    Please help me friends 😊

  4. This should be the surprise wedding video when lee sun bin and kwang soo gets married… imagine sun bin playing a prank on him on wedding day!! Then make this a running man episode where each member has a prank on LKS… goosh… im already way ahead…. 😂🤣🥰

  5. Just like Jae Suk calls him, he is Lee Sa Rang (Lee romantic/Lee love). I miss those days when he was funny with all those interactions with guests. However, Lee Sun Bin is very beautiful and they are lucky to have one another. We learned from running man that in real life his confessions were regected by many girls, finally he found a girl who knows his value. I hope they don't break up😍

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