[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 347-3] | The first team mission is called "Running Marble"! (ENG SUB)

Giải Trí

“RUNNINGMAN” which is aired in Korea On APRIL 23rd, 2017.

The winning team of Running Marble will get a reward!

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34 thoughts on “[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 347-3] | The first team mission is called "Running Marble"! (ENG SUB)

  1. damn running man totally make her RICH, business class Flight and her new house!! Fighting SOMIN! u are part of the family now!! btw i wonder how msuch net worth did old running man member right now, it's already 10 years now

  2. 7:25 lol this ep was 2 years ago but i just realized that guy with white mask behind them is Lee Seo Jin in disguise

  3. I am really thinking: if they are celebrities, why get them economy flights when they can afford business class flights?

  4. Aaannndd here I am getting excited because of a 2 hour trip to butuan HAHAHAHAHAHA, unlike them getting annoyed going to japan 😂

  5. Somin is that little, annoying kid that gets along and can argue with every member that I didn't know rm needed until she came

  6. The guy with glasses and face mask, if I'm not mistaken he is Korean actor known for being the most grumpy person in South Korea film industry, forgot his name… I mean grumpy in a good way though..

  7. Pls out Somin in the cast of running Man.. over acting .. my goodness !!! As if she is pretty.. She looks like a bar girl in the club.. so annoying !!!

  8. Im not gonna lie, I clicked bcos the thumbnails. Like what a gorgeous so min with her long hair

    OMAIGOSH, Em Em Tea guys 🧚🏻‍♀️🍵❤️

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