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Samsung HW-J6000 Curved Soundbar Review

Samsung HW-J6000:

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  1. Mr. Wilson 2 weeks ago

    You reviewed the old Samsung flagship soundbar HW-J8500 in 2015. Do you happen to know how the J8 sounds compared to the current HWQ80R ? Trying to decide if I should upgrade, as I think the sound is good on the J8. But perhaps with 4 years passing the sound has been much improved?

  2. UB3R_M4X1MU5 2 weeks ago

    6.1 ?… how do you know how many speakers come with ur sound bar
    .. al I know is it a 2.1 channel with 5.1 capabilities

  3. Exsquidd 2 weeks ago

    Its does sound well, fits my Samsung curved TV very well, But….. there's a delay on sound from the TV to the unit, I have upgraded the HDMI cable, tried the light cable, adjusted the TV settings, but it just will not sync together properly. I've tried reaching out to Samsung, but I get the same ole BS run around from them. Now I only use it for music since I did dish out the $350 when I purchased the TV and Bar together.
    Would I recommend it? Nope!

  4. Zana Patterson 2 weeks ago

    Seriously. Everything but how to set the damn thing up 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Никита Селиверстов 2 weeks ago


  6. Dmitry Ivanov 2 weeks ago

    Что курил создатель этих изогнутых вещей? Отберите у него, чтобы не делал такого больше!

  7. Ms. Ender Mage 2 weeks ago

    You like the same kind of music I do 😃👍

  8. Руслан Череп 2 weeks ago

    у меня такой же. звук радует, ощущение такое что он вокруг.

  9. Dustin B 2 weeks ago

    Got a really tan finger

  10. Johnny Gomez 2 weeks ago

    Anyone know the model # of the subwoofer for this sound bar ? I have the sound bar and I'm trying to find the right subwoofer for it

  11. Alvin Nemenzo 2 weeks ago

    How to pair the sound bar to TV without using the cable? Every time i change to TV mode it doesnt connect.

  12. BLACKMARVELOUS BAIMA 2 weeks ago

    How does the bass work, how am i going to set the bass niveau up.

  13. Tremaine King 2 weeks ago

    Wht is the name of the second audio sample…the techno house song…?

  14. Edwis Qwass 2 weeks ago

    And now you're listening to human music- Hmm i like it

  15. henry66699 2 weeks ago

    Furthermore the music you've chosen sounds alway's good. Its like old RocknRoll if you have the worst audio-gear those
    types of music will always sound kinda nice. It is a well known fact that jazz (like Miles Davis) or classical music is better
    to judge audio. Disco/Dance/RocknRoll/Sixties music or loud hard rock all sound great on bad equipment. By comparison,
    I am not talking about musical taste or like/dislike. I like pop/rock too but its too distracting to judge audio.
    In this Digital age they have tricked us into these new media that have lots of possibilities but those pale compared with
    what it should be doing. Audio should give us the best quality…yet digital is not there yet. It has the future but no matter how
    hot the equipment is it is not jet as good as analogue or digital played on good analogue equipment. Even more so if its about
    movies etc. Forget the whole HD, 4K, OLED etc. these are growing towards a gradually better quality but there is still a gap between the best images (analogue) and digital. The unsharpness/soapy/plastic colours are still a problem. That's because
    the TV/computer is not fast enough to calculate the buildup of the images. If you have an analogue tv and you are 50 cm from
    the screen you still see a relatively sharp image. Digital screens show the pixels and the problems with anti-aliasing.
    Just watch a movie with schools of fishes that swim just under the surface or wild water waves. They look unclear and checkerd,
    just look at football games where over the whole field seems this image is going on under a surface of nylon.
    So in short the Digital era gives us new connectivity and possiblilties but its quality is 25 % below the old analogue image or
    sound. So keep playing your music on old stereo sets…..Sonos is nothing compared to that…don't let the usb or blue tooth
    shit distract you….

  16. Jim The Burrito 2 weeks ago

    My LCD display on sound bar doesn't work??? Any tips ideas bought this from currys last weekend was ex display model but just doesn't show what channel it's on hdmi bt etc.. anyone else had this promblem.

  17. Barbiə Swallöws 2 weeks ago

    Can you please tell me if this sound bar has a bass ?

  18. Дмитрий Пушкин 2 weeks ago

    я конечно нихера не понял, но клёво, клёво!

  19. Mehdi Ryan 2 weeks ago

    Hello I want to know the title of the music that goes to the 4.50mn of the video please. Hello from France.

  20. Waseem Khan 2 weeks ago

    I have HW-J6001 sound bar, from where I can buy wall mounting bracket? Thanks

  21. Kyle Fulton 2 weeks ago

    Beware, doesn't have wifi capability so you cannot connect as a multi room system. Samsung do not make this clear at all.

  22. Max 2 weeks ago

    hab die Soundbar jetzt auch seit 3 Monaten und kann sie nur empfehlen:)

  23. dasllamas 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the review but I gotta say that the speaker not being centered with the tv drove me batty 😜

  24. The_Wilsonator 2 weeks ago

    how do i connect TV and sky remote to the speakers? its driving me fucking insane!


    Internal speakers have few bar?It is true that it supports 6.1 channels?

  26. steve evans 2 weeks ago

    can you control the soundbar volume with the tv remote?

  27. Dean Bailey 2 weeks ago

    I've got my samsung curved tv on a bracket would this attach to my tv in anyway without the standard stand? Thanks

  28. Hamid 2 weeks ago

    I recently bought a 65 inch curved samsung TV, is this good option for me or is there something better that u recommend, thanks

  29. Michael H 2 weeks ago

    Could you tell me what power cables I need for this device? I bought it without any cables

  30. Mihai S 2 weeks ago

    not even at the leve of an entry level 5.1 50 $ system not get tricked only buy it if you can return it free in case you dont like it too much

  31. Christian Hanneman 2 weeks ago

    Please tell us what model and size of TV you have it connected to.

  32. 2 1 2 weeks ago

    can you wall mount this thing?

  33. BathoryTepes Viktor 2 weeks ago

    Just be aware that a sound bar can't possibly be compared to a real home studio or stereo sound system. It's mathematics. And the bluetooth thing is just an aberration for a sound device. You obviously want to have proper cables, and good quality ones to have a clear, pure sound.

  34. Blahman240 2 weeks ago

    Are you mentally challenged? There is no possible way we can hear how it sounds unless we are listening to this video through the same damn sound bar! Even then there will be some audio loss… The sound is only as good as the speakers on the device we watched the video on.

  35. kooshm 2 weeks ago

    Is the first audio sample an actual song? If so does anyone have the name of it?

  36. Юрий Резников 2 weeks ago


  37. Jahanzeb khan 2 weeks ago

    Any setting tips? bass?

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