[Section TV] 섹션 TV – TAEYANG♡Min Hyorin, To be married 20171224

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TAEYANG♡Min Hyorin, To be married
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【Section TV】

Section TV is weekly entertainment news covering music, dramas, and movies in Korea. At a star’s wedding to film shooting site to concert, Section TV camera is always at the heart of the event! Every SUN 3:55PM, Please follow us for the latest “Section TV” show!

MC & Reporter : Kim Guk Jin, So Yi Hyeon, Park Seul Ki, Hwang Jae Sung, Cha Yae lyn, Son Han Byeol, Shin Go Eun, Lee Ho Seok,Lee Jae Eun

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21 thoughts on “[Section TV] 섹션 TV – TAEYANG♡Min Hyorin, To be married 20171224

  1. At first, i hear that Taeyang was getting married I was like WHO?!? when I saw that it was Hyorin I was like NEVEAH THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN BUTT I SHIP IT

  2. for the sake of english subtitles but nonetheless im so happy for them I j wana hug him like I feel like id be happier than his mom in the wedding

  3. Youngbae-Hyorin made me want to believe that real love still exists. Also the fact that Hyorin is Youngbae's first love, first relationship, first girlfriend <3

  4. CONGRATS, iwas kinda of worried about VIP reactions but i trust tht VIP are so hppy about the news tht how mature VIP ARE

  5. The photo shown with them two in the alley way is EXACTLY next to the restaurant I'm working at. This is seriously the only time I'll ever be this close to them lol I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM THO!!!!! Congratulations you two! <3

  6. I'm so happy that they are finally getting married. These two are precious ❤ Min Hyorin is my bias btw lol ~ 🤗😊 Congratulations to both Taeyang and Hyorin!

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