Shin Dong "But Compared With the Past, Hee Chul Got Much Nicer" [My Little Old Boy Ep 160]

Giải Trí

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28 thoughts on “Shin Dong "But Compared With the Past, Hee Chul Got Much Nicer" [My Little Old Boy Ep 160]

  1. lipstick, dyed hair, full face makeup, earnings and wearing girls clothes… wtf? are they men or girls ? wtf korea ?

  2. I don’t like how they are always bringing up “heechul’s was rude in the past but he’s nicer now” in every show. 🙄 What kind of backhanded compliment is that?? It’s always shindong too. I know for a fact that those same members talking about Heechul’s personality were way worse. How would they like it if Heechul talked about how they changed too? How Shindong told a girl it’s only okay for a man to be overweight, or Leeteuk making sexist comments, or Siwon making homophobic comments. At least Heechul never did blackface like some members. I hate that they act like they were angels.

  3. what if.. just what if…. he becomeing nicer is because he started dateing Twice Momo….. ??? he allways liked Momo moste among twice members and now they both did come out officialy that theyr seeing (for me dateing) eachothers

  4. Maybe new stan or people just knows him as heechul from knowing brothers doubt what the members are saying but it was notorious back then that heenim was verry harsh and arrogant,he hated stupid and slow people,he never liked people who talk a lot (tho he is talkative)he didn t get along with many idols beside gg heenim always showed a nasty character on tv which made him feared by many idols,no one dared to talk or even cross his eyes.heechul never forget people he meet so most of idols preffered avoiding him.idols never contradict him or lough loudly next to him,they always showed respect and stay away from any trouble.its really true when they say he became nicer A LOT cause he was nicer to people he liked ONLY.

  5. "I don't like talking casually to people…"

    Also the guy that would say, "hey, I like the way you look, let's be friends" to someone he met for the first time, as revealed in Life Bar. xD

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