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So Min, Pretend to Get Shot by a Machine Gun Realistically [Running Man Ep 474]

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  1. __ Lloydieee 4 days ago


  2. Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai 4 days ago

    Daebak unbelievable how come they compared somin and jihyo for somin it's only 2/3 years only but jihyo it's already almost 10 years as a RM only one female member with 7 boys if she still didn't become popular how can you still speaking in your mouth.if I spend my 10yrs life infront of camera with 7/8 boys and im only female member i bet i will become now a Princess of the world.. Unbelievable …..somin unnie don't worry you are more popularity than him.

  3. Arepovic 4 days ago

    I'm surprised there are people in korea don't recognize Somin

  4. Pasta 4 days ago

    We love Jeon So Min! ❤

  5. KeischCoversPH 4 days ago

    So Min aaah ♡♡♡

  6. a-wanderingcloud 0-0 4 days ago

    2:45 I agree 👏🏻😂🧡

  7. kyoongbaekie 4 days ago

    poor somin 😩😂 she's so precious though

  8. TWINKLE 4 days ago

    I love you somin-ah !! You are my favourite member in running man ! Dont let this mission let you down. You did great in rm ❤️ sending love from Malaysia ✨

  9. Firda Tri Wahyuni 4 days ago

    Monji unnie is so cuteeee😍

  10. aslam kamarudin 4 days ago

    She need improve to be legendary

  11. Dandelion Shine 4 days ago

    Mongdol forever..

  12. whyahh 4 days ago

    im not quite sure how can those anti-somin jihyo fans cheer bout this. i think it is sad because this is all she got left, popularity. the fact is she still remain in the show solely because of this and nothing else. she is lazy, lethargic, bored and never give a crap to contribute anything to the show anymore.
    the show does everything to make her actually seems involved, like a new loveline which failed, then doing this popularity game which look to me is to please you people because you guys are complaining the screentime of jihyo.
    of course jihyo is more popular than somin. 1st jihyo is an old celeb. 2nd. jihyo is 10yrs in the show. but somin is working hard, won multiple variery awards, and the fact is she always trending on naver. jihyo might be the icon of the show, but somin is the future of the show.

  13. me+food=〈3 4 days ago

    Fighting Somin uni!

  14. niwarr 4 days ago

    Why you guys worried about her popularity? Somin always tranding on naver whenever its Runningman airtime!

  15. doraaa 4 days ago

    i think people know her, she just blends well with the crowd hahaha! and you guys, the OG members have established their careers this past 9 years. the ones who were already popular back then were JS, HaHa, and JK whereas the others were just like SM & SC now. but look at where KS, SJ, & JH now (even Gary). they are like hallyu stars, millions of followers, recognized in SK and abroad. also, count how many movies, dramas, CFs and concerts they've done in and out of SK. STOP COMPARING and STOP THE HATE. do you guys know how many ig followers Somin had before RM? around 12K and now she has half a million, i think that is an evidence that her popularity is growing and will continue to grow. she works hard and she deserves love.

  16. Jamil Fikri 4 days ago

    For haters just stfu..somin always the best 👍👍

  17. Hrvy sprt 4 days ago

    Somin 🙁

  18. Thomas M 4 days ago

    That segment was pretty funny.

  19. lxoxvxe xyxoxu 4 days ago

    In this variety show, we don't care how popular you are. Just being funny and entertaining. & That is Somin. 😊

  20. XOXO Team 4 days ago

    An antis same as sulli antis.. they can murder by words.. hope somin antis not doing same thing

  21. No Name 4 days ago

    This girl is so funny 😂

  22. Rafidah Rahmat 4 days ago

    Poor Somin. It's hilarious to see that she do the opposite of the mission. Crazy Somin.

  23. Abc Cba 4 days ago

    Love both of them, make me remember the old day in family outing, wishing all RM members walk this path a very long time with us fanz
    Really hope people who calling themselves fanz can stop differentiate them so desperately

  24. 白雪姫-Music 4 days ago

    As a long time RM fan, i know that the show is not in its golden time… there was a time when it was swepping all the entertainement awards left and right… but i know for sure that it has a solid and faitful fanbase.
    Somin and Sechan joined the show when it's not at its best, No!! i think it was when the cast, the production team and even the fans were having a hard time…, but the patience and sacrifices they made, ignoring the hate some antis threw at them, for Somin risking her 'actress' image, and Sechan putting up with constantly being compared to Gary….They made it!!
    This hits me the most when somin read the letter KJK wrote for them after 1 year since they joined…cause he knew the struggle to join an old existing variety… and have been trough the same when he joined late "Family outing" and some reactions he received….
    So thank you, and for this Episode, Don't worry Somin, you're already a Gem for RM fans ;))

  25. Faiz Five 4 days ago

    I am very glad that rm members gave support to Somin after she finished her mission despite gave funny comments about her. She's lucky enough to have rm members as a 2nd family.

  26. Nur Fariena 4 days ago

    Poor somin

  27. nhm love 4 days ago

    Imagine if her name got called more times than SJY 🤭 So, there’s always silver lining on every cloud 🥳 Fighting onnie!

  28. Jenna 4 days ago

    I think this is a reality check for JiHyo haters who say JiHyo is boring n doesn’t contribute to the show and that SoMin is the reason for increased ratings. Clearly this video shows it’s not the case. JiHyo is still more well known and well received inside n outside of KoreA.

  29. Arnie Castaneda 4 days ago

    Still can't hide the fact that she won awards for two consecutive years. It takes time but she is already getting there. Popularity doesn't always sum up on how many people can recognize you in the streets. I think she is doing good and she will be famous than ever.

  30. Gwyneth Dizon 4 days ago

    that cartweel of jihyo hahahahahahahaha

  31. Sopee Jun 4 days ago

    its weird how these Somin-antis sent RIP to Sulli, bashing the knetz for throwing hate YET the same people HAVE THE GUTS to speak ill about Somin I just want to ask, do you still call yourself a human?

  32. ____ 4 days ago

    Somin need loveline for popular

  33. Prince Apliu 4 days ago

    Somin fighting !

  34. Wan Fathanah 4 days ago

    Why many people hate her?I hope she stay strong.

  35. Prabhjot Randhawa 4 days ago

    Somin fighting

  36. Zein Apisz 4 days ago

    We really need some somin in us. Doesnt give no shit to what people think as long as she knows she doing good. This girl is too kind to even get hated. Come on now people

  37. far 4 days ago

    It's okay somin unnie. It's not easy to gain popularity. It takes time. I believe that that's what the other members hv gone through in the past too. And look where they are now. Just keep doing what you are doing now unnie and work harder like you always do💕.

    Ps: and for haters, no it's never a big slap on our faces. Popular or not, we will still support and love her because she is jeon somin, our happy virus😘

  38. Fuzzy 4 days ago

    Somin remind me of the late Joo Hyuk when he was on Two Day and One Night loll

  39. Shaa 4 days ago

    She's so cute as always 😂

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