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Song Ji Hyo "I think it's going to hurt" [Running Man Ep 462]

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  1. R U JELLY? 1 month ago

    Freaking haha shouldn't be touching my baby like that 🤬

  2. P. S 1 month ago

    She's so cute.. DAMIIIITTTTT! 😣💙😂😂

  3. fullmoon 1 month ago

    what ep is this ? i searched for ep 462 on my tv but the ep only until 448

  4. QibCap 1 month ago

    Can anyone tell me where i can buy jihyo cap???

  5. Mimi May 1 month ago

    Need more Spartace moments 😝

  6. John Brown 1 month ago

    wtf am i doing here

  7. Puteri Najihah 1 month ago

    she's so cute….agagagagagga

  8. a-wanderingcloud 0-0 1 month ago

    0:46 😄

  9. Khairul Fadzly A. Karim 1 month ago

    Jihyo has always been smart in this situations, she knows her chances are slim and thus preempt her defeat thus spoiling the pleasure of the person handing out the punishment.

  10. Votece T 1 month ago

    She's so cute 😍

  11. Joe Frazier's Left Hook 1 month ago

    Kang Daniel is just not ready for this Jihyo.

  12. 白雪姫-Music 1 month ago

    KJK eventually chose HAHA to eat, because he felt bad about going all out on him, and then Haha Chose Jihyo to eat with him for the same reason :!)))
    All is good then for the final lucky 3 lol

  13. Kachi Jeek 1 month ago

    "context"!!!!! hehehe,

  14. siii love 1 month ago

    Jihyo is so cute

  15. Nckerz The Snckerz 1 month ago

    Lol she already faced kim jongkook before they did pulling eachothers sideburn and she lost after that started raging at him xD

  16. nadzirjamal Asyouknowhim 1 month ago

    The awkwardness when JSJ asked Jihyo to kiss the dice will be cringeworthy for me for all time…

  17. Shiela Sajorda 1 month ago

    Hahaha she is always like that hahaah

  18. Kristine Pena 1 month ago

    Jongkook says he feel at ease after Jihyo is out. I love Haha for choosing Jihyo to eat with him. Thank you so much !

  19. Dandelion Shine 1 month ago

    I really love this episode..

  20. shadoekim 1 month ago

    Thumbnail is abit um…

  21. Blessie Shane Cubillanes 1 month ago

    You're always cute and pretty noona

  22. Stephone Cloud 1 month ago

    She didn't want to face KJK.. Hahah.. Clever is our Ace..

  23. Trinh Nguyễn 1 month ago

    Mong ji cute

  24. Nguyen Minh Uyen 1 month ago

    She didn't say "I think it's going to hurt". PD Chul Min is a liar as always

  25. motionstoryteller 1 month ago

    It was actually smart of Jihyo to take herself out. Otherwise she will have to go against Jong Kook and that would have been hell. LOL

  26. Arifuddin Azran 1 month ago

    Ji hyo's scream so cute 😍

  27. Park Chimmy* 1 month ago

    Well it was so funny

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