Song Ji Hyo, The Ace of "My Little Old Boy" [My Little Old Boy Ep 79]

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34 thoughts on “Song Ji Hyo, The Ace of "My Little Old Boy" [My Little Old Boy Ep 79]

  1. Oh my jihyo💕💞💖💗😍 ur biggest fan from Philippines🎉🇵🇭 from running man episode 15-1 to jumong, emergency couple & lovely horribly you still never change ur beauty still shine 💞💖💗😍2020. Waiting on her movie "intruder"

  2. KJK might as well stay single forever. He messed up things with Eun Hye and he will mess up when it comes to Ji Hyo..she is perfect for him but all he thinks about is the gym. Just forget marriage KJK and be a single man for life.

  3. There are many korean actress that are beautiful, but Song Jihyo have some speciality that other actress dont have such as,1.she is still humble even when she is famous.2. She is a loving person n thus she is loveable n people naturally love her. 3. She has certain charisma and auora that naturally attract people towards her n make people love her. 4. She has a cute smile, beautiful face n sweet character that make girls,boys, men n women love her. She is appreciative of all her fans.

  4. Long ago in the beginning episodes of RM, I was expecting the loveline to be between KJK and SJH. But Gary got in the way.

  5. the fact that they are sooo honest and keep saying shes pretty and young all and they like her and she replies with good manners… 💛💛

  6. Whats with this Korea epidemic that beautiful people all dont get married??

    Are they waiting for Mr/Ms Perfect who doesnt exist?

  7. Did anyone else how long she stayed standing up until they told her to sit down? Someone before mentioned her manners I think it was Kang Gary, he talked about how polite she is to her elders.

  8. I want men who can take care of jihyo eonni , always with she and be her partner for looooong time. I just want she happy. But when we will see get married?? 🙁 honestly i hope with jongkok oppa , but they a family , so sad 🙁

  9. everyone loves the RM Queen Ace…our Mong Ji…..not only the fans are shipping her to anyone…but also the moms wants her for their boys…we can't resist her charm

  10. I mean, if it were me, I'd do the same and recruit her as a daughter-in-law too lmao
    What all these guys are missing – I'm guessing most of the men probably feel intimidated

  11. People keep saying that she didnt undergo any surgery. I highly doubt that. Anyone who works in the korean entertainment industry, didnt undergo surgery is not plausible. Even if it is really minor all celebrities go through surgery. How do you know that the plastic surgeon who checked her is telling the truth. The surgeon could be paid to say anything they want to spread through the media. I mean after the Seungri incident, no one can trust the media anymore. Korea is not the lovey dovey beautiful place we see in the internet or in dramas. It also has it's bad sides…. I'm a man and I'm ashamed to say what men with money does in that country

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