songs you NEED to hear! *embracing the copyright*

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songs you NEED to hear! *embracing the copyright*

hey guys! for today’s video i am doing another playlist video! i did one of these a few months ago and you guys LOVED it so i am back with a part two! i am in love with this playlist, literally obsessed with all the songs and i think it’s waaay better than my playlist in my last video… let me know what you think! hopefully you found a song or two and i tried to only put in 2 or 3 tiktok songs this time :))

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40 thoughts on “songs you NEED to hear! *embracing the copyright*

  1. 9;21 bruh I remember our 6th grade teacher making us listen to the original of this song, and everyone was making fun of it lmao

  2. My recommendations

    Breezeblocks- alt-J
    Bandito- Twenty One Pilots
    Undercover Martyn- Two door cinema club
    Again- Noah Cyrus
    Bored- Billie eilish
    Recess- Melanie Martinez
    Come out and play- Billie eilish

  3. thank you for having a genuine personality. so many of these videos i back out of because the girls are too prissy and put on this act. so again, THANK YOU for just being chill

  4. Omg finally Cage The Elephant!!!. I love Cage the Elephant and have been watching other videos like this one to see if anyone put Cage the Elephant. Do you listen to any of their other songs? I also love the less I know the better by Tame Impala.

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