(Super TV ) Yesung shows his affection to Eunhyuk all day. Even when the dongsaeng get sulky :)

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I just downloaded this video from kshow123.com
The sites give a credit for the sub team at the beginning but I didn’t include it here. So I write the credits for the sub team .. here they are …

translators : emzhaek , kwanghwamuns, yeyeyeshai, shashuhaimi, eaindrayyy99,nottheeastsea, neyisheng, potatochul, yehearts

timers : emzhaek , believedintime, potatochul, hypnosnyks, ryeowonism, kekeOlv, chohyukiwa, elf_irha , jngsxx, nottheeastsea, mabelle5794, botticeli, akanamjoon, winecouple0137, shimaa1994

typesetters : emzhaek, botticelli, haelic, shimaa1994

encoders/uploaders : impudens, hypnosnyks

Nguồn: https://coca-colafoundation-ind.org

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46 thoughts on “(Super TV ) Yesung shows his affection to Eunhyuk all day. Even when the dongsaeng get sulky :)

  1. This is what i like about hyukjae. He matches his behavior and attitude depending on who he is with. You can actually observe this with his relationship with heechul versus his relationship with leeteuk. Or the way he adores ryeonggu and kyu but treats siwon in a different manner. He also quite different when he is with shindong. But he is the best when he is with donghae tho..

  2. I love how Eunhyuk is such a baby with Yesung, but when he is with Donghae his behavior is completely different 😂 Hae is his baby~~~

  3. 난 슈주에서 은혁이 잴좋은데 항상 보면서 느낀건 투털대면서 예성이가 가장 착한거같아 ㅎ 다른 맴버보다 그냥 머리가 딸려서 표현이 따라주질않은데 그건 할수없지만 아는사람은 다알지 ~~ 예성이 착한거 ㅋㅋ

  4. My Gosh those clothes, that is funny I had to repeat the video 4 times… Don't watch it while drinking water… Dangerous.

  5. And look how happy Lee Hyukjae is.. He knows, definitely, that his hyung will wear it. He knows how to used his charm around his hyung..

  6. Yesung couldn't stand his dongsae being sad.. He might not show it but he really adores Hyukjae like a real brother.

  7. yall yesung looks so good in that pink sweater even without an undershirt he looks better than i ever would wow

  8. Wait it that the same sunglasses that yesung used at that time they were discussing about something

  9. Yesung little bit look alike nam tae hyun (ex WINNER) when his wearing sunglasses with blonde hair

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