The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction


Apple shows off the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 for 2020. That said, it appears the new Magic Keyboard accessory has captured more attention.

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42 thoughts on “The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction

  1. Its good to have a camera on a tablet but its rarely used. A foldable tablet would be nice. When unfolded like 20 inch ?

  2. Honestly I'm just upset the new Macbook Air came out now rather than a month ago. Just because I personally needed to buy a Macbook Air a month ago, and now it feels like I got a bit ripped off, seeing how the new one has better specs for the same price. I'd have loved to wait it out if it was just for me, but I had a deadline to have the computer by a certain date, so there's nothing I can do sadly. I guess the bright side is the 2019 model is slightly lighter and has slightly better battery life. It's something at least.

  3. Anyone knows the actual size dimension on the camera, was trying to maneuver a case for it but don’t know the specs and how much space to leave out (im a knitter)

  4. All we needed was an Ipad pro with and oled screen and 120hz .. it's suck when you pay 1000$ and see pixels it's just doesn't feel premium screen

  5. Apple's campaign for establishing ipad as computer replacement will backfire them when it'll actually replace their iphones.

  6. I kinda like this new iPad… i just wish they put this much effort in their iPhones especially with the notch

  7. I wish manufacurers would be taken out into the toilet and swirlied every time the use the word "magic" in their ads. It is a friggin' keyboard. There is nothing magical about it. This is not Sabrina the teenage witch or some stupid shit like that.
    And productivity wise this "magical" keyboard has no numpad, which a lot of us need for extra productivity. We are not all hobby interior decorators who only need a camera with a screen.

  8. The keyboard for the 12.9" version will be $349 USD, $449 CAD. That's insane. No thanx. Again for those interior designers. Products for stupid rich people.

  9. I like your videos but you always be down talking Apple .. that’s kinda wack my dude technology should be appreciated the only reason smart phones and tablets even are the way they are is because of Apple 🍎

  10. anything that apple makes sucks because 1. nothing has cooling 2. everything is extremely over priced 3. it is hardly compatible with anything!

  11. Jajajaja…. I thought it was an unboxin …. if I want that info …. i would go to de apple page hahaha

  12. The $799 one is such a much more compelling argument. That thing is so light and so fast for the price, and if you’re just gonna do light web work and editing with some drawing, it’s honestly the best money can buy vs a laptop and a high end Wacom tablet that costs 3 times as much on its own. Not to mention being calibrated to perfection and the 120hz screen.

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