The Running Man Review – It Ain't Broke Episode 23

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45 thoughts on “The Running Man Review – It Ain't Broke Episode 23

  1. For loving a film or thinking it’s brilliant and not knowing RICHARD DAWSON is a bit disingenuous all due respect guys sincerely not trying to sound snarky but if I had a channel I’d be more professional in having expanded knowledge on a subject

  2. I've seen Running Man about 15-20 times. It's only implied that killian fired old janitor. His exact words are "if that ass hole is mopping the floor tomorrow…" That could mean on an outside chance, Dan could still work there (only not mop the floor).

    The crowd cheering reaction shots are so fake looking. They arent really watching anything but acting like they are.

    Dont forget Roger Corman's Death Race 2000 or Hunger Games

  3. Thank you for the video but I can't believe the confusion of David Soul instead of Paul Michael Glaser. Glaser did a fantastic directing job. Edit: I can believe the confusion.

  4. Just watched it again the other day. The movie has flaws, the camera work / set ups are not great – it looks more like a made-for-TV-movie. And if Ed Neumeier had written the screenpplay and Paul Verhoeven had directed it, this could have been a masterpiece. But it is still an enjoyable flick with more depth you might realize at first sight.

  5. Wayne Newton who plays villain Professor Joe Butcher ("Bless Your Heart") in the Bond film Licence To Kill is most well known as a Vegas cabaret entertainer, and his recording of Danke Schoen is the one Matthew Broderick mimes to in Ferris Bueller. His casting, as with Dawson's, in this case as a ultra cheesy Televangelist/Cult Leader is perfect.

    The closest I can find in the UK to Kitano, is Stephen Knight, who created Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and then went on to write such acclaimed strong dramas as Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises, Locke, and Peaky Blinders.

    Franc Roddam, writer and director of the classic gritty British youth film Quadrophenia, went on to create Masterchef!

    Jeremy Irons presented Playschool before becoming known as a serious actor!

    Matthew Kelly played a serial killer in the TV drama series Cold Blood after years of Light Entertainment hosting.

  6. You don’t see Takeshi Kitano and Bob Monkhouse mentioned in the same review very often!
    As per one of the other comments, I also wouldn’t mind you discussing Kitano’s work in more depth, especially the brilliant Sonatine and Hana Bi
    Also, Monkhouse was a legend! His Audience With special is one of the best ever hour’s of stand up comedy you’ll ever see. A man at the top of his game

  7. Andrew Davis [Under Siege, The Fugitive] was the original director but was replaced, much to Arnie's dismay [according to his autobiography]. They would collaborate instead on Collateral Damage [which was produced by Nicholas Meyer off Wrath of Khan fame!]

  8. This movie does have one of my favourite 'I'll be back' exchanges along with 'I'll be ready John' from Commando.
    Arnie: 'ill be back, Killigan!
    Killigan: Only in a re-run!

  9. Since this isn't the first time you've mentioned Takeshi Kitano, how about covering one of his more "out there" films? As a massive fan of both this channel and "Beat" Takeshi, I'd love to see you tackle something like Takeshis' (the first in his trilogy of loosely autobiographical movies, which continues through Glory to the Filmmaker! before concluding with Achilles and the Tortoise). At the very least, I reckon you could look at the original Battle Royale from the perspective of this clearly being an inspiration to make similar western takes on the same basic concept… Plus it's got Takeshi at his most absurd, especially as he briefly cheats death in a way that I thought was a genuine fourth wall break on my first viewing. This guy's level of twisted comedy is sadly lost on those who only know him from lending his name to and fleetingly appearing in a certain game show.

  10. Richard is the only person I've ever heard call him 'Short-Schuhnegger', unfortunate being as his job calls for him to name drop Arnie 50 times a day

  11. I love this film, but it's a little weird how Arnie grabs Maria by the back of the neck right at the end of the movie. It's really domineering. Makes me feel a little uncomfortable.
    Any theories what that was all about?

  12. Ii I remember right, the Bachmann books were published as such, because king had already written so much when he first made his name, and the publishers didn't want to flood the market with King books and dilute his brand. If only there was some powerful information tool I could access to confirm that for you.

  13. 20:09 The guy who played Dynamo actually died the same year The Running Man was made! I guess that knee to the bollocks was pretty severe?

  14. Did you guys know Stephen King wrote this book in the early 70s in abt 72 hours???

    It was then promptly rejected by one publisher who said there is no market for dystopian fiction….. How times have changed.

  15. I think those 80s and 90s movies had a lot more foresight than we give them credit. Even though Running Man is an Arnie vehicle, just like Total Recall and Demolition Man with Stallone, they are far more perceptive of what the future would bring us. Im still impressed by that aspect of the writing. PS just subbed 😉

  16. Glad you finally got around to doing this one as it's my favourite movie of all time. That might be an odd choice but I've grown up with this movie and I must watch it monthly at least.

    Enjoyed the discussion, it's funny you should mention Bob Monkhouse as not long ago me and some mates in the pub was re-casting this film for a 'British version' and that's who my choice for Killian was, Bob as you say is the real mu' fu'kin G!

    Also I never knew I needed more of Richard's impression of Prof Brian Cox until watching this, hilarious.

  17. Great discussion. The Running Man has not aged well. I loved American Gladiator when I was a kid. Richard Dawson was a creep on Family Feud:

  18. True fact: Bob Monkhouse passed away on my birthday, December 29th 🙁 (The BBC 4 documentary Richard mentioned. Great stuff.

  19. I miss this style of gonzo action satire. It seemed to be a trend for a decade or so, what with Running Man, RoboCop, Total Recall, Demolition Man, Last Action Hero, and Starship Troopers to name a few.

  20. In the space of ten minutes Paul Michael Glaser went from Starsky to Hutch. Are you sure that he wasn't Huggy Bear?😄
    Another one of Arnie's low-key classics that was a part of my childhood. I feel that there are similarities with the Hunger Games, but that might just be me.
    Richard Dawson (Killian) was in the tv show Hogan's Heroes(I'm a fan), and the presenter of the American game show Family Feud, which was Family Fortunes over here in the UK, presented by the one and only Bob Monkhouse!
    Jim Brown was indeed an American Football player, he played for the Cleveland Browns(I'm also one of the few British, Cleveland Browns fans) He also appeared in another favourite of mine – The Dirty Dozen.

  21. I hope you left enough room for my fist, because I'm going to ram it into your stomach and break your god damn spine! NAARGRGHHH!
    Absolutely love this film and love hearing you guys discuss it in such a deep and meaninful way, that as you said; most people would completely overlook. It really sucks that mid budget scifi films like this arent being made anymore. Give me 10 of these 30 million dollar films over 1 300 million dollar film anyday – and rated R..
    I also really love Maria Conchita Alonso in this, as well as Predator 2. I think she would have made for a badass female action hero had they ever given her one.

  22. There was a level in 'Flashback' on the Mega Drive that involved your character entering a killer-game show in order to win a ticket off-world.

  23. Christopher Reeve would of been the wrong choice to play Ben Richards, he would of played it very serious like the actor he was. Hindsight is a good thing, but the Running Man was tailored for Arnold and his 80s action run.

  24. This was definitely one of those "Monday morning playground-discussion" films when I was a kid.

    "Did you see that big guy with the saw on the motorbike?!" "Yeah. did you see that opera singing dude with the lightning?!" etc.

  25. The ultimate EEYYYARRGH, BOOLSHEIT, BASS-TURD! Arnie film. Not the best movie he did, but the flick that typifies his persona of that time.

  26. I love the matte painting of the city skyline shown briefly at the start of the film, I wish we could have gotten some more of that. That's my only complaint about the movie really, that it feels small in scope, at times.

    Harold F's main theme for the score is really underrated too

  27. "The Running Man"? Fuck Yeah, it's a great President's day! I do have one suggestion, "Dune" (1984). With the new adaptation coming, now might be a good time to revisit it. Keep up the good work guys.

  28. I love the running man and much like you chaps I have fond memories of this movie. I read the book a couple of years ago on holiday and it's completely different to the movie. Which got me thinking the book would be ripe for a movie adaptation today given the right director, actor etc and doesn't end up the robocop, total recall remake root.

    On a completely different subject I hope you are still enjoying RE2 Mr.Jackson

  29. I used to adore the running man as a wee lad in the 80’s. Not aged well but loved it at the time – can’t go wrong with Jesse Ventura & Arnie!

  30. I believe Richard Dreyfuss was attached to star in "Total Recall," not this movie. (yes, I'm that commenter who corrected you guys haha)

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