The Talented Girl, SNSD Seohyun

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I don’t know if people still said that Seohyun not have any talents, or “don’t have any reasons to be a fan of Seohyun”. That’s why I make this proof.

She still have many positive vibe other than this video. I don’t input, how good she is to the people around her. She be known as angel maknae because she takes care to his eonnis. Also, Kyuline, Kyuhyun, Changmin and Minho call her as a good person. SM artist too, and everybody too.

She likes healthy food..

She also have a body goals. Yuri once said Seohyun is her rival in body shape. Heechul also once said, Seohyun is No. 1 for her body goals among SNSD’s members.

She can be an MC as well, she can imitates animation (minion, spongebob etc) and people (Christina, scully, etc). She is taetiseo leader too

My mistake : Japan=Japanese

And the others. The all of you know by your self!! 😇


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9 thoughts on “The Talented Girl, SNSD Seohyun

  1. Literally cant think of a more well balanced and talented idol. She is versed in music all around, is a good dancer and actor, is sweet and lives a healthy life, speaks many languages, just so amazing

  2. That seems not enough about how talented this amazing woman is.
    Yes, she is in the vocal line of SNSD, but when she is street-casted at the age of 11, she don’t know any pop song and got accepted into SM just because of her visual. However, 5 years later at the age of 16, she debuted as the first lead vocalist of Kpop legendary vocal girl group SNSD, that made her 3rd in the vocal line. Just a few more years, her constant improvement made her assessed as having the vocal overall performance equivalent to Jessica, the second in the vocal line (yes, each of these two had their own advantages, the chest voice and voice “color” of Jessica; the consistency and harmization of Seohyun). She was like not 10/10 but never went under 7, consistently kept at 8/10 that made her the hidden power of Soshi’s vocal line in terms of consistency and harmonization. Her positon in Soshi vocal line is especially proved when Soshi had to perform with live bands. After the departure of Jessica and especially in the latest album Holiday night, she seems to be very near to be the second main vocalist, who has the greatest full album’s line dítribution in Holiday night.
    She was not in the dance line at debut, but always considered to be the best dancer of the vocal line. However, Seohyun in my own opinion is one of the center line (YoonYulSeo) since ITNW, Kissing you, Genie, Visual Dream, Chocolate love and even in more recent performance that gave her more chance of shining as a dancer. In the sexiest performances recently, Seohyun always rocked the stage with her presence and dancing skill, especially her two splits in You Think and Andrenaline.
    Being the last one to join musical of the vocal line (thanks to SM for not letting her do kiss scenes), but Seohyun is definitely the most successful even in the whole Kpop. Mamamia in her season is the best selling so far that even her members could not find a ticket to watch. Her song writing is definitely talented given that SM hardly gives artists the opportunities for writing b-side songs, not to mention Seohyun wrote the title track of her sub-unit album, the title track of SNSD 10 year album, and all songs in her solo album except title song. And about her solo album, it has the widest range of all solo albums in the history of SM Ent.
    About instruments, she is the most talented in piano, showed her amazing skills from the early age of 16. But she also know to play violin and guitar. Given that Jessica and Tiffany are both USA citizens, Seohyun is the best english speaker of the group together with Sooyoung, the second Japanese speaker after Sooyoung and can speak a little Mandarin. Unfortunately, you choose her early drama appearances instead of her latest drama Shigan, but you guys all really need to watch the drama. From zero to hero, Seohyun is only talented but absolutely is an inspiration to me.

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