THE ULTIMATE CHUCK TAYLOR REVIEW: How to Clean, Style, and Work Out In These Sneakers




Is there any sneaker more iconic than the Chuck Taylor All Star from Converse? I’ve owned dozens of these shoes throughout my life (I’m currently nursing four) and thought I’d try to put together a guide to:

What They’re Made Of
How They Fit
How They Perform
How Much They Cost, and
The Pros and Cons


• Cotton canvas upper
• Double stitched
• Iconic ruber toecap
• Vulcanized rubber outsole

The cotton canvas here is a durable, plain-woven fabric, similar to the sort of canvas you’ll find making up backpacks and sneakers.

It’s a very floppy, unstructured shape — this is a low volume shoe — but it’s breathable and makes for great summer wear.

The canvas is also easy to draw or paint on, which is one the reason the shoes are very customizable. Another, of course, is that the shoes come in a huge variety of colors.

The sole is vulcanized rubber that’s heat affixed to the upper. Vulcanized means that it’s harder and more durable than a lot of competing rubber soles, especially those with air blown rubber.

• Fits true to size
• Some like to size down half a size if exercising in them
• Flat sole, little arch support

These are really basic, uncomplicated shoes, so they’re comfy but they’re not really supportive. There’s a non-removable insole that helps with shock absorption, but this a flat sole.

The Chuck started out as a basketball shoe but today, we have more technologically advanced footwear and no serious athlete wears these flat, non-supportive shoes for athletic endeavors.
Except powerlifters. These shoes are actually fantastic for lifting barbells. Why? The flat sole makes it easy to splay the toes and grip the floor, and the hard rubber is very resistant to compression. Soft, squishy soles can absorb too much force and shift your weight — Chucks make it easier to maintain correct lifting form.

You can use nail polish remover or WD-40, but I just mix up a 2:3 combination of baking soda and vinegar. Mix it with a toothbrush (don’t let metal come into contact with the mixture, as it can react with the vinegar), and scrub your white rubber! The rest of the shoe can just be thrown in the washing machine.

As low as $40, but usually about $65, on Amazon. Get ‘em here:

• Timeless look
• Age pretty well
• Inexpensive
• Lightweight and comfy
• Available in dozens of colors
• Versatile
• Great for lifting weights

• Not crazy durable
• Poor arch support
• Not warm
• Not great for most workouts


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37 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE CHUCK TAYLOR REVIEW: How to Clean, Style, and Work Out In These Sneakers

  1. The insoles actually do have a slight increase in height at the heel but not enough to make much of a difference

  2. what model of chucks are the ones you’ve tried cleaning? they seemed to be more low profile than the regular ones?

  3. Vulcanised rubber has what's called crossed linked bonds between the primary chains, this makes it way more durable however also takes way longer to break down naturally when disposed of.

  4. My dad bought us a house out in the country back when I was 7 and he found an old pair in the barn . He cleaned them up for my 1st year playing basketball and I've been a fan ever since. Every new pair gets a doc scholls geln insole and man the are comfy.

  5. I don’t used converse at the gym or workout home it hurts your feet. I rather used running or training shoes to workout. The converse I only used them to go out.

  6. Clean your shoes using 409 cleaner and a rag. If you go to Converse website you can customize a pair.

  7. The Rocky 2 movie was made in 1979, at that time Chuck Taylors were still considered pretty solid sports shoes. It's actually common sense for Rocky to wear them for running. It's only when Converse decided to cut costs in the early 80's by thinning the soles that the shoes changed from sports shoes into lifestyle shoes.

    The Chuck 70s pretty much is a reincarnation of the those Rocky shoes, I believe you can use them for running if you want to.

  8. Do you know, if the chucks Taylor II's get restocked?? Im looking for these for weeks now. But couldnt get hands on my size

  9. I’ve had the same pair for 6 years, I don’t have any holes in the soles. They a bit distressed, but still in pretty good shape

  10. I just bought the all white leather chucks.. Wearing them to a wedding. YES A WEDDING 💯 I also wear the all blk for work. And I just bought my 11 year old son his first pair last week.

  11. I guess I am lucky I still have two brand new pairs of Chuck II one in black and one in white. I bought them extremely cheap before got retired. Chuck 70's I use most now but I keep my II's for clean look appearances.

  12. I wish Converse would bring back All Star II's. They were great and i much more preferred the look of them compared to vintage look stuff.

  13. Can guys wear hi top chucks ? I love them but some people say that it’s for chicks and gays ! Is it true ?

  14. I do like chuck but my body is a bit big and my legs arent so long so !! And chuck is super slim… when i taking photo it sees i have a super tiny foot😂 can anyone recom* me about that? Zzz

  15. They are without a doubt the most versatile shoe I can think of. Yet odd looking, still clean as hell. Whenever I put a pair of white CTs on, they always tie the whole outfit together. Maybe a suit is not that good of a combination that some people thought back in the mid 2010s. Although, despite how much I love the thought of the shoe, I just can't justify the price anymore. My last pair tore down much faster than the pair before that. After a couple of months, the canvas had holes in it and the sole is completely trashed. My pair of Adidas for the same price look almost like new and they are from 2014 with a lot of use.

    They seem to have fucked up their sizing too now. I used to go for 44 / 10 in my Converse and they fit like a glove. The last pair was a 44 as well and they were significantily smaller. I went with 44,5 / 10.5 instead and they ended up being too small as well so I sold them. That is strange to me.

  16. Its a shoe that i cant live without. It can easily match up to almost any kind of outfit you wear.. when in doubt, use chucks lol. But yeah toebox is sometimes an issue, i tried it for a short trek and even walking on a downhill concrete road will definitely cause a rubbing sensation especially on the pinkies. Though its a good pair to have.

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