They Can't Believe Park Ji Sung is in Front of Them!! [Master in the House Ep 23]

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47 thoughts on “They Can't Believe Park Ji Sung is in Front of Them!! [Master in the House Ep 23]

  1. Maybe as a indivual skill, Son Heung is better than Park but Park has won all the trophies with Manchester United 🤣

  2. Im sooo happy that JSPArk was one of MU player when MU still on Its glory day, under sir alex hahahahahah 🙂

  3. Park Jisung was underrated all his career, he was great player at United. But seriously i can't understand why Koreans still believe that they were in World Cup 2002 Semi Finals by their efforts after all that controversies

  4. Park Ji Sung, one of the few person in Korea that you cannot say a bad word about him. That's how Korean looks up to him.

  5. Park Ji Sung is a legend! As a United fan I knew him way before I was in to Korean variety shows and K-pop. He has such passion for the club and always tried his hardest every united player of that era says so but I still feel he was underrated in the premier league

  6. Korea really2 obsessed with America korea people make America like the greatest country ever and like God. America call football soccer korea copy America to. Every variety show people always talk about America new york.

  7. Park Ji Sung is a legend in Korea. When you say negative shit about him the whole korea will hate you even your oppa. He use to be in Manchester United (a soccer team) where most of popular soccer players use to be like Ronaldo

  8. If you are a kpop fan, you might not know ji sung park. But ji sung park is a former footballer who is kept in high regard in korea and is a korean legend. You may watch him and may ask why he is so good. To people that don't know, dribbling and that flashy stuff is one set of skills but park's best set of skills is something different, something not flashy but that allowed him to be respected by his legendary teammates and also kept in high regard by the best manager of all time. Korea also experienced their golden age under him as they were at their best under him, struggling before and after his international career, never reaching the same heights. Trash talking him means you want to make an enemy of south korea in general and also manchester united fans too, the team with one of the biggest fanbases of any sports team in the world. He is pretty much on the level of yoo jae suk in terms of fame and respect in korea. You can even tell by their reactions, some of them being some of the most famous in their respective fields, but they are still in shock and have full respect of park.

  9. Seriously one of the most underrated greats ever.In 2005 and 2010,he man-marked Andrea Pirlo,one of the best central midfielders at the time,and also all-time,to death.

  10. JS Park 😍 i'd go crazy if i met him too, Former player and Legend Of my Favourite Football Club Manchester United!! Damn!! I miss him, Manchester United was unbeatable back then 😊😊

  11. Park park where ever you maybe people eat dogs in your home country, but it could be worse you could be scouse eating rats in a council house

  12. Why the fuck are there so many stuck up trying to be edgy comments on here? If they are wrong about Mr. Park and football, educate them properly.

  13. Im the newbie fan in soccer .. I think Park Jisung is the one who assisted by lee young pyo but i forgot who are they opponent .. Btw im a fun of lee young pyo and i also love soccer

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