This is football! ESPN FC crew blast Juve owner’s Atalanta comments | Champions League


ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe, Julien Laurens, Shaka Hislop and Steve Nicol lambast Juventus’ owner Andrea Agnelli following his comments saying Atalanta “shouldn’t be in the UEFA Champions League.” A particularly animated Lowe says people like Agnelli know “the price of everything and the value of nothing” and that they have absolutely no idea what football is.

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35 thoughts on “This is football! ESPN FC crew blast Juve owner’s Atalanta comments | Champions League

  1. Lemme counter with the argument that their should be a cap in the champions league and in every league. Although complicated, every sports has it. So why not football?

  2. He is just ecowing what the stablishment at UEFA thinks…they want the big teams always to benefit…thats why they brought FFP

  3. Also….if they ever create a "Super-league" i am done with football at that level. I'll only watch lower league football. Corporate takeover of what began as a peoples game will be 100% complete.

  4. Price of everything, value of nothing…. lol stevie admit it u stumbled there.. thanks jules… Fuji juve fugi rangers fugi cheats….

  5. This comment is all that is wrong with current football. Sure, let's let City, Chelsea, United join PSG, Bayern, Juve, Roma and Inter along with the two big boys in Spain form their own league and go away (and I'm a United fan). The rest of football is just a big minor leagues for those big boys, right.

    Atalanta is one of the best stories going and is great to watch. If United played like Atalanta they would be the only story in football. But hey, if the folks at Juve are mad at the success of others, then we should just disband Atalanta.

  6. All the big clubs in the history of football became big because of winning fair and square in competitions, that's why they became popular in the first place. By his logic, now we should not let other small clubs become big and popular, and we should just continue praising the big clubs from the past, regardless of how bad they are now. What a stupid joke…

  7. As bergamasco and Atalanta supporter I am sick of people like Agnelli…by the way at the moment we are 4th, above Roma and in the best 8 in Europe right now…we have sold for 200 milion and spent around 100…and still competitive

  8. the integrity and the nature of the game if you want that make it so attractive hence profitable as entertainment was already stretched thin with creating the so called Champions league full of teams that are not champions of anything.Super league that this guy is dreaming of is a suicidal project which will be hated worldwide if ever realized, not to mentioned that the clubs which will decided to joined it will be kicked out immediately from their domestic leagues and so on. Protect our investments… this statement alone shows the culture in this club that led directly to Calciopoli.

  9. oh, look. a couple of words taken out of context and an idiotic headline to go with it. count on journos to do the opposite of the right thing

  10. At this point though they might as well merge into a European super league. All top leagues apart from the English one is dominated by 1-2 clubs anyway. Theres no need to follow Bundesliga cause you know whos going to win, if that doesnt win you're pretty much sure which the other team is thats winning it..

  11. Atlanta is 100 times exciting to watch than Juve. Juve only knows to defend defend defend defend defend… Cristiano goal & win…
    Juve can never play a brand of football Atlanta plays.

  12. The same attitude 'history' clubs like United and Liverpool have to the likes of city joining the so called big boys. Wankers the lot of em and hence the dislike of the UEFA top table cartel clubs…

  13. Man City also had one good season in champions league and it became 2 then 3 4 5 6 and now they are regulars in the competition a club needs to start of somewhere similar with Tottenham

  14. Some of the owners of top teams in Europe want to continue to enjoy the advantages of big clubs in Europe with the right to outspend all other clubs by incredible margins and also have the advantage of American league where you always have the same clubs. You can have one or the other but not both. Even in US sports you have to qualify for playoffs and all of the leagues have some degree of revenue sharing.

  15. Atalanta is having a great run, and underdogs having a run like that bring enjoyment to fans. Juventus just salty because Atalanta may go further in the champions despite all the money Juventus throw at trying to win it

  16. The bigger clubs have more resources to get to the champions league the next season. And small clubs tend to not be able to balance the league and europe (ie Burnley). It all works itself out.

  17. He should mind his own "investment protection policies", next time they get caught I'm afraid serie B will be a year away.

  18. Juventus shouldn’t ever talk about the word ‘fair’, with their blatant match-fixing in the 90’s and 00’s. I know they were stripped of 2 titles in 2005 and 2006, but it clearly goes back further than that. Think it was April or May 1998, Juventus vs Inter in a likely title decider, Ronaldo is bearing down on goal and is essentially taken out in the penalty box by Montero or someone and the ref ignores it – the clearest penalty you’ll ever see. It is on YouTube for all to see.

  19. Agnelli and clubs like Juventus and Madrid are trying to monopolize football. Even the FFP thing with Man City is just an attempt to stop teams like City from growing and rising to the heights of the giants. People like Agnelli are destroying football.

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