Too Hot To Handle BFF Challenge | Chloe and Nicole | Netflix


Chole Veitch and Nicole O’Brien spill all about their favorite drinks, go to dance moves and who takes the best selfies.

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Too Hot To Handle BFF Challenge | Chloe and Nicole | Netflix

On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there’s a twist. To win a $100,000 grand prize, they’ll have to give up sex.


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21 thoughts on “Too Hot To Handle BFF Challenge | Chloe and Nicole | Netflix

  1. These two were literally my fav throughout the show and that Francesca and Haley omg I was like kick those manipulative bitches out ASAP and Matthew , David as a guy Kaboom.

  2. How did Francesca was considered the hottest, i genuinely dont get it.. and got the most screentime with that bland personality.. shows you just need to be scripted and controversial to get PD favors..

  3. You ladies were my absolute favorite on this show – I binged it in 1 day. Can I be your 3rd wheel BFF? 🤣

  4. Good news: Nicole is now dating Bryce! So something good did come out of it for her 😁😆 (y'know, other than this great friendship with Chloe 😊)

  5. For all the people saying Nicole wasn't in a relationship you do realise the Show had nothing to do with relationships it's not love Island if you had actually watched the show you would know that😑

  6. Nicole was my favorite character on this show and she was barely even on it which pisses me off. These two were legit the best lol I want a bestie like them

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