Vlog #20 | My Blazer Collection & How I Style Them

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ALL THE LINKS – Note: If a link doesn’t work, it’s probably sold out/not available in your country

Black Sweater (Wearing size M)
Black Jeans (Wearing size 27)
Short Gold Chain Necklace
Middle Gold Necklace
Large Round Pendant Worn On This Chain
Black Slingback Shoes

BLAZER 1 – Checked (Wearing size S)
BLAZER 2 – Mustard (Wearing size 10)

White T-Shirt (Wearing size 12, upsize for an oversized fit)
Raw Hem Jeans (Wearing size 27) H&M Old but very similar here
World Necklace
Rope Necklace
Black Sock Boots
Red Bag
Red Lipstick

BLAZER 1 – Double Breasted Checked (Wearing size M) Also similar here
BLAZER 2 – Single Breasted Checked (Wearing size 10)

Camel Cashmere Sweater (Wearing size 12, upsize for a slouchy fit)
Black Jeans
Short Round Necklace
Large Round Pendant Worn On This Chain
Hoop Earrings
Black Slingback Shoes
Tan Bag (aka Judith)

BLAZER 1 – Brown Checked (Wearing Size S, comes up big!)
BLAZER 2 – Black Striped (Wearing size 10) Similar high street option here

Black Sweater (Wearing size M)
Straight Leg Jeans
Tan Bag (aka Judith)
Black Suede Court Shoes Affordable alternative here

BLAZER 1 – Brown Houndstooth (Wearing size 12, upsize for a not-so-fitted fit)
BLAZER 2 – Camel – Next, old but similar here and here

White T-Shirt (Wearing size 12, upsize for an oversized fit)
Black Straight Leg Jeans (Wearing size 10)
Round Pendant Worn On This Chain
Tan bag (aka Judith)

BLAZER 1 – Cream Double Breasted (wearing size 12, size up for a less fitted fit)
BLAZER 2 – Terracotta (Wearing size M)

Black T-Shirt (Wearing size L)
Black Jeans (wearing size 27)
Black Slingback Shoes
Round Gold Necklace
Oval Gold Necklace
Black Bag

BLAZER 1 – Red (Wearing size M)
BLAZER 2 – Green Velvet (Wearing size US6) Also available here

Canon Powershot G7 X Mk II

Editing by Simon

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38 thoughts on “Vlog #20 | My Blazer Collection & How I Style Them

  1. WOW nice Blazer Collection 👍
    The Camel Blazer is gorgeous, i like longer Blazer more than shorter.
    I love Blazers too, but i also love Pant Suits and Skirt Suits 😍
    I think i have round about 25 or 30 Blazers and round about 20 Pant Suits and 20 Skirt Suits 😅

    Really for nearly every Outfit what i wear (no matter what i wear) i always combine one of my Blazers to this Outfits.
    No joke, without a Blazer always i don't go out of my apartment ^^

    But i always love to wear my Pant Suits and Skirt Suits and that just not only for the office,
    i love to wear Pant- and Skirt Suits also in my leisure time!

    The only thing that makes Blazers sometimes a litle bit exhausting for me is, that they cause me restricted movement,
    when i wear my Blazers closed with there buttons.
    When i wear my Blazers closed with the buttons, i only can raise my arms to the shoulder height.

    Overhead movements with my arms are impossible and the Blazers pinch me uncomfortably in my upperarms and in my waist,
    when i raise up my arms or stretch my arms in front of my Body.
    Pinching in my waist is also, when i was sitting with a closed Blazer.

    Once a Saleswoman in a Business Clothes Store said i had this movement problems because my boobs are too big for normal Blazers 😅

    But when i wear one of my Pant- or Skirt Suits i like to wear this Suits with a closed Blazer.
    Because for me it looks nicer when the Blazer is closed, because the Pant Suits or Skirt Suits looks than more complete with a closed Blazer.
    So i wear a Pant Suit or a Skirt Suit always with a closed Blazer.
    But that is only my opinion ^^

    But never mind for me, because Blazers shoud looking chic! ☝️
    I can accept these restrictions on movement for me.
    Because the sense of Blazers is to make you look chic and NOT that you can move around with them ☝️😊

  2. My height is 165 cm i do like alil bigger blazer but not too big will size 10 be too big i want the length like by mid section on my butt or lil above lol

  3. Loved the tip to keep the sleeves up. I just got home from thrifting men’s blazers and I NEED the sleeves up to make it look more feminine. Thx again. Loved every single outfit

  4. Elastic band trick. A game changer! How I miss those videos. When I discovered you Emma, I had sooooo mych fun watching one after another and now I have to WAIT. As the result I watch them again.

  5. I love the elastic hack! I had a problem with my sleeves sliding down with my Max Mara sportmax jacket 🙂

  6. I love my blazers, they’re the laziest way to always look great. Loved this video and want all your blazers!!

  7. Awesome collection , I also love blazers and wear them on daily basis to work as ( smart casual) style

  8. Love your blazer collection 😍😍 Really enjoyed this video, please do another with blazers. I am new to your channel and i am hooked!! xx

  9. Thanks for this, I just bought my seventh blazer and was feeling rather guilty until I saw your awesome collection.

  10. I love this video! I have quite the blazer collection and it's great to see someone enjoy them as much as I do. 😊

  11. Ooh those Zara leather kitten heels slingbacks! I LOVE them, I also bought the white pair and wear them all the time for work. Super comfy too.

  12. Wow. Very thankful for this video. I just go my first double breasted Ralph Lauren navy blazer with golden buttons and was looking for tips to style it.

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