What Is Tree of Saviour – 2.5D MMORPG


Thoughts on Tree of Savior based on the playtime I’ve had in this first international closed beta. I bring up Ragnarok Online a lot because this game shares so much with that title and really is the spiritual successor.

Tree of Savior is a unique title that does a lot of things the old way, the more hardcore way. While Tree of Savior might not be able to compete with all the bigs boys in the MMO space it’s greatest feat is that it lives up to the hype of players who since Ragnarok Online have never found an experience quite like it.

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38 thoughts on “What Is Tree of Saviour – 2.5D MMORPG

  1. What I like about games like this one is (besides of the stunning atmosphere) that you have to explore everything for yourself and not do 3747237 introduction quests and whatsoever. I really get annoyed by these and I stop playing.

  2. Ro Vs Tos 2017 ??? Ragnarok mobile Vs Tree of Savior re make…. ha ha sad though… only English version available

  3. I highly recommend giving ragnarok online a try instead if you didn't already. NovaRO private server is the way to go. I'm having much more fun than i did with tree of savior.

  4. I'm trying to get into it but so far I feel like it doesn't have the same variety as Ragnarok does. For example, right from the get go on RO monks I knew every spell had one specific use and a very visible one that made me choose the class over all the others. In TOS I hardly feel like this with classes at all, which makes it even harder to learn by reading player content (because the game doesn't bother much) as the archetypes mostly blur together with very few differences.

  5. I still can't imagine how could RO2 fucked up like that…They just wasted that IP…
    Then licences are sold all over the place to make mobile versions.

  6. There should be a game that combines some aspects of Tibia, Ragnarok & Diablo. That would be something impressive.

  7. Shame, I want fun immersive questing not boring repetitive grinding the same mobs over and over. thats lazy game making

  8. Its a good game it is a good direction true to ragnarok but it lacks in terms of mechanics. I feel ragnarok had more plasticity to it. You could summon random monsters for example. It wasnt something doable easily but you could farm dead branches for it. You had a load of cards and the monster gems dont really compare because they just boost skill levels not add additional effects to skills attacks or characters themselves. You cant tame pets. You cant make dyes and you cant dye clothing… Theres no marriage system and those are just the fev of missing things. Things, i feel, should have been there from the getgo and additional functionailty and gameplay goal options avalible.

  9. The worlds seems empty right now, and lots of players that don't talk back (Bots ?) Idk I felt bored in the game.

  10. people these day claim they are hardcore mmorpg player but when hearing the word "grinding" they become retarded and say the game is bad . lol thats cute

  11. Never played RO. I don't really know why people call this game bad. I mean I understand there's bad optimization but that's very secondary.

  12. The game is a linear theme park which failed to implement many of the social, open world and lot systems that made RO so great. If you like RO go back and play it. It is still around and has a thriving community.

  13. I kinda liked this game, but IMC fucked it over. DIdn't process my transfer request in time, and when I sent over 8 tickets, complained in foruns and sent PM's they finally replied to one!… about a month later, when they told me that it was too late to make the transfer. The company is really bad at customer support.

  14. I've never played ragnarok… and I find this game really really boring. I levelled to about 68 ish and stopped… Just as you said, this game is not for everyone. My boyfriend on the other loves this game as if it was his life, while hates on warframe for making him dizzy because of the parkour, which I enjoy very very much, but he did mention that the community is kinda dying off. I'm won't be surprised if the game dies off eventually, or just having RO players in it because the online gaming industry has seriously taken itself to the next level, and usually people will go for what they call "nex gen" mmos.

  15. TREE OF SAVIOR HAS OPENED BACK UP TO NEW PLAYERS JUST NOW! Please like this in order to help new players get the memo.

  16. Ragnarok was my first and last mmorpg shit that I played also. So I think I will enjoy this game.The ragnarok feeels is strong…

  17. Ragnarok is still alive, the developers brought it back to life. It's on steam, last time I played was yesterday and there was about 2.5k players online and pretty crowded.

  18. I'm having fun so far. The game does give me a really strong sense of nostalgia, which is super nice. I love the music and the graphics, I can only hope they will increase the level of customization in the future because right now it's pretty pitiful. (But, then again, customization is always my favorite part of games so maybe I'm just picky, lol)

    But seriously, adding something simple like letting you change your hair color/skin color or even let there be a few different face styles would be nice.

  19. you grind ? seriously ???? dude, just do quest and side quest. then use exp card. This game leveling is really fast – 1 hours and i reach 50 just from doing quest. you just doing it in a wrong way.

  20. this game is too flawed to enjoy, its only on the radar because RO but is no where near as good as RO, take it from a early access player, this is a 5/10 grindfest MMO

  21. Just hearing how you talk about it makes me want to play. Is there an SinX class in-game yet? If not I'll have to start an LK like build for swordie. Which class plays like LK either twohand sword or spear is ok.

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