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What Kind of Person is Ji Hyo in Your Opinion? [Running Man Ep 485]

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  1. Rama World 1 week ago

    I love this guys since drama warm n cozy

  2. Snezana Milovic 1 week ago

    Ha ha is not laughing, he is very angry, I look at his face, only he is cultured and professional, but if he said this in a private story, I think Ha ha would protect Jiho

  3. Mimi May 1 week ago

    Hey bring him back to Running Man 😂 He's funny af! 😂

  4. abhishek singh 1 week ago

    Experimenting to save future marriage by herself.

  5. Suvii 1 week ago

    Yoh, i was fooled l looked after the movie they're talking about, but i wasnt able to find jihyo there. 🤣

  6. timharun 1 week ago

    Coach nim 😂

  7. Nicole Fernandez Ph 1 week ago

    I love you ji hyo eonnie 😘

  8. Gum Dum 1 week ago

    One of the best recent episode..

  9. mitzidel 1 week ago

    The guests were so good in this episode but damn I was allergic to spy episodes by the time this aired

  10. a-wanderingcloud 0-0 1 week ago

    1:20 Wow.. she really does look similar to a sloth. The director really did pick the right actresss for that role I guess 👍🏻

  11. thegurl8788 1 week ago


  12. Mazila Ag 1 week ago

    Song Ji Hyo 😍😍

  13. Farah Izzah 1 week ago

    spartace fans ' who notice that jongkook was the first member said yeaa ? 😂😂😂

  14. miracle_ 7 1 week ago

    The proved she was just a boring member. Rm did all the work to make her shine. Even the guest cant even make simple comment about her. N her fans will still deny their bias weakness

  15. angakokpanipaq 1 week ago

    Invite Sung-Oh again. The man is hilarious.

  16. Acacia III 1 week ago

    This friendship is what everyone never thought they needed. 😹😹😹

  17. Chiya 1 week ago

    can someone tell me, went they ask jihyo ggood in wht way , im sorry to say this but wht answer was seokjin expect? I mean does it have anything to do with jihyo sexy movie you guys get wht i mean right?

  18. Oh Charlotte 1 week ago

    i kept noticing kim sung oh's pretty eyes throughout this whole episode 😂

  19. RUNNING MAN 1 week ago

    You Can see full Episode 485 Runningman at here😉

  20. nuguren 1 week ago

    I am also one of the victim of his character in The Man From Nowhere since 2010.
    I still hate him until now but I also like him (his acting skill) very much.
    Can t believe he s also a funny guy 😄😄😄

  21. optimus prime 1 week ago

    I remember this guy from warm and cozy drama..

  22. Dad 1 week ago

    A pretty boring member

  23. Leira레이라 Betances 1 week ago

    Best episode

  24. Aishu Malli 1 week ago

    Y jihyo is best -Jihyo so cute .. she added the love cuteness n strong appeal to rm she’s a total package not jus romance and pretty face but aced in games and gave tough fight to male members and guests too… being an actress she did this show for 10 years is highly commendable.. that to first 7 years demanded a lot of physical output from members being the only gal she did it on par with men ,outdoors in harsh environment playing sports and then still being the leading lady in movies dramas ur the best .. I really thank u for making us enjoy every moment of rm .. rm to me is incomplete without u u 😘

  25. bullied writer 1 week ago

    Ji hyo laughs beautifully ☺

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