Yang Se Chan Goes, "So Min, you're pretty today" [Running Man Ep 462]

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33 thoughts on “Yang Se Chan Goes, "So Min, you're pretty today" [Running Man Ep 462]

  1. Look at KJK's face after Somin says Sechan is cold to her, he looks genuinely annoyed with him 😂
    They're so cute together but I do think they just see each other as friends tbh which is fine. I'm glad the current PD isn't forcing the loveline anymore because I think they were both becoming fed up with it.
    I miss Somin, can't wait for her episodes to start airing again! (Think she's filming again now after hiatus). I hope they keep Jihyo's screentime as well. The best would be if they pair the girls together. Mongdol sisters fighting!

  2. Sechan is an all-round genuinely nice guy. He’s got a sense of humour and he laughs at anything, even when they’re dissing him. I’ve never seen him get genuinely angry, he’s only done it for comedic purposes. And every time he has that big, hearty laugh, I find myself giggling with him. He’s an adorable bean.

  3. In my opinion, I don't know if Somin being serious with Sechan or not and I think Sechan it's just being careful with his feelings. I don't know but I have feeling that Somin will married an actor or idol. But if she married Sechan, I'll be happy too.

  4. If you know Somin before she made her image on Running Man, you'll know why not only Sechan, but also many other man are happy to be her love interest.

  5. He's a good guy, but i would like he treat his hyungs with more cares. Becoz i can see that he's just get close with kjk, yjs, and haha but not with ji seok jin

  6. I really adore Sechan. he seems so fun to be around, like he knows how to make people comfortable around him. on every show and in every story I’ve seen it’s always that he’s just a real genuine guy. he really deserves the best, someone who will make him endlessly happy. he’s not bad looking either, the ugly jokes are dumb lol. he’s adorable! the love line w him and somin is kinda cheesy but his shyness makes it cute. even just watching him on the show love me actually can make u realize that he’s just so genuine and fun to be around

  7. Remember the fortune teller said that if somin and sechan end up being together they will stick up for long or even forever because their elements compliment each other?!!

  8. I understand if fans started ship them together but I also want you to know that it's not as easy or simple as that. Whatever it is, I enjoy watching Somin with all RM members. Somin can mingles well even she was pair with JSJ & Haha. There are no awkward moment when you are pair with Somin. 😂

  9. All the teasing to Sechan aside, I think his type is very popular with female idols, especially, they seem to be comfortable with him more too. Nice guys who are earnest and funny are popular with girls, and with looks, well, I think idols are the ones who give least concern to that as they are surrounded by too many pretty faces already. They've developed an immunity 😂😂😂

  10. It seems nice but somin and sechan loveline seems to be force by the pd and members to boost the rating, kwangsoo and somin supposedly love line is more interesting. That’s before kwangsoo dating known.

  11. I remember when these two first join the show. I was so uncomfortable watching Somin and even thought that she is an attention seeker. That's why I stop watching.. But lately I've start to watch the newest episode and realized that She's not that annoying as I thought. In fact she was very humble and outgoing type. She's so cheerful and cute too. And I'm even shipping her with Sechan xD they look cute together xD

  12. Before I used to hate Somin .. maybe cause I wasnt feeling her character or whatever… but i am now comfortable with her being on Running Man.. She adds something new to the table!

  13. I wish i can be friend with someone who has personality like jaeseok.. he's so nice and a humble person 😍😍 like i can see all the sincerity for everything he had done to his member in runningman 😍😍😍

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