Yeri is Carefully Examining Oysters [Law of the Jungle Ep 368]

Giải Trí

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45 thoughts on “Yeri is Carefully Examining Oysters [Law of the Jungle Ep 368]

  1. LOTJ plss respect our hanbin how the f*ck you edit him out like hanbin work hard in this program then you will edit him out like the heck!!!!😡😡😡

  2. I feel bad for this sbs gives other screen time while hanbin…. I don't feel hanbin presence their because this

  3. Seeing this again…i got reminded that hanvin won't comeback or make a public appearance

    Evrn tho i don't know him much…i miss him and wonder how is he doing now
    Bcs tge media really did him dirty

    It must be so sad to him sering he is cut off the ep…its so disrespectful

  4. They try to edit the scene so BI invisible from all scene but they can't cause BI too close with our maknae💕but I'm a bit sad about it cause I'm IKONIC too😢

  5. LMAOO YERI is really funny without trying hard 😂😂😂 others may say that she has always has a power face but what can you do? Expressions don’t tell everything about a person. If you only knew yeri she is so kind humble and she is the RV member can easily talk to she’s trying hard to speak English just for the fans and even surprise fans on RV 5th anniversary without announcement she even told fans shh shh be quiet hahaha isn’t she so precious. Get to know her first don’t judge just by looking at her face, expressions, the way she talks

  6. Im sad that I cant watch this episode fully… So many controversies destroyed this… Im honestly waiting for this because Yeri talked abt her experience in LOTJ excitingly… 🙁

  7. so hard and weird to watch this, edited asf. it just looks like YERI IS TALKING TO A GHOST AND BEING HAUNTED BY SOMEONE

  8. I'm a big fan of LOTS but because of what you did to Hanbin I suddenly felt sad and disappointed. Sad but truth this is the reality where people easily judge a person without knowing the truth or knows the truth but still decided to listen to rumors and let that person to suffer alone.

  9. Menjengkelkan sekali…Dimana usaha dan kerja keras BI tidak d hargai sama sekali…Feuhhhh!!!

    Kim hanbin you did great in here.Good job BI.
    We love you…

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