YoonA is Unbelievably Slender and Beautiful!! [My Little Old Boy Ep 131]

Giải Trí

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49 thoughts on “YoonA is Unbelievably Slender and Beautiful!! [My Little Old Boy Ep 131]

  1. Beautiful ladies are what make my world a little bit better. I'll just smile at myself out of amazement whenever I see one. Still, personality matter the most. Yoona seems to have both. Good for her

  2. I remember she’s grow up with her dad. And she never talk about her mom. I am really sure her mom was so beautiful like her.

  3. Yoona voce tem um bom gosto seu celebridade e muito lindo fofo sempre respeite ele porque sem respeito nao tem felicidade assim acaba um amor tao lindo de voces dois

  4. Yoona gets flooded with compliments wherever she goes for 12 years, it's amazing she's still humble and down to earth hahaha

  5. Not sure if it's the lighting or the video quality, but it makes Yoona look a bit odd, not as beautiful as she truly is. haha

  6. I watched Hyoir's Bed n Breakfast on Netflix and Yoona looks exactly the same as she did on the show. And this video her hair is longer and she's wearing it down. She's a very beautiful young woman with a very nice personality

  7. No matter what u wear or u gain weight or what so ever, but ur personality and calmness makes u beautiful and yoona has it

  8. Almost the comment section filled says yoona got ps, but please she only gained weight and the make up make her old (it’s been a long issue that sometimes her make up stylists ruined her face with old make up) she appeared at channel event and airport it’s the proof that she didn’t get ps. Her face looked normal, if you want her staying the same like 10 years ago that will be scary, you know skin treatments to make your face glowing or etc, even heechul i said it again HEECHUL who always picky about women said himself that yoona its the most beautiful celebrity with barefaced (its 8 or 7 years ago) and again in the recent live he said it again that Yoona and Taeyeon barefaced it’s the best, he even angry and denied the rumour about yoona getting ps.
    Thank you it’s a bit long, but I’m really angry that people keep talking about yoona face getting ps meanwhile there’s no proof about it.

  9. National’s visual, national’s center, national’s daughter, and now national’s daughter-in-law. Queen Yoona did that! Even Kim Sooro dreaming having daughter like her, since long time ago

  10. Knetz tried to accuse she just did ps just because she cannot laugh here, i am so curious are Koreans has that eff-ed up mindset? I'd not able to laugh freely too if i talking to the elder that aren't close to me because how awkward it is, toxic people 🤦🏻‍♀️

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